Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Hurricane Season

The one I don't have to care about. The seas, they are angry I have left them, and immediately produced a Barry.

I suppose every now and then they come to Virginia, where I'll be next month, but none of the realtors and home inspectors I've been meeting lately-- and there have been A LOT-- don't seem too concerned. What they're concerned about instead is wafeboard sheathing, which sounds filthy, but is something Bob The Building Inspector things I should inspect. This, and the WPI, and the dust air returns. Also, something about an FRS.

The realtor knows a person named "Mr. Chips" who can regrout the bathroom tile of a townhouse we recently visited. This was announced when we found the soapdishes in the linen closet.

We are not buying that townhouse. Probably would fail the WPI inspection anyway.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Am to Be Trusted With a Crock Pot and Pastries

So contend Gregory The Reader and Chelsea The Reader, who have so very kindly provided Josh The Pilot and me with said wedding items. Gregory The Reader was in charge of the cookie sheet, which brings the AirBake count to two of four. Awesome.

When we registered for four, I had to explain the four-count to Josh. You can't just have one cookie sheet. You need two in the oven, one to prepare for the oven, and one to sit dripping in the sink, containing the charred remains of the first cookie attempt. Thank you, Gregory!

Chelsea gave us a crock pot, second only the Chef 'n Vibe Palm Hand Peeler in the Potentially Dirtiest-Titled Kitchen Utensil category. From what I understand of my mother's use of a crock pot, you plug it in right before Price Is Right comes on, and hurl some meat in, and somehow right around the time Mr. Rogers is over, it has created dinner. I think I will like my crock pot. Even if the Internet wants me to use it to make a dessert involving rhubarb. Rock on in your extreme rockage, Chelsea.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Seeing as I've left it, I may now share pictures of the Secure Undisclosed Writing Residency.

Important items first. Behold Creepy The Clown:

I actually took this off the wall and carried it to the office of the residency director, demanding an explanation.

"I got it at a garage sale," she said. "It was a quarter."

I informed her that she overpaid, and returned to my garret.

Then there's Hissy The Cat:

At least he didn't scare me anymore after we made nice. I can't say the same for the clown.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Meet me in Cincinnati

As of this morning, MB and I are on opposite sides of the country. By tonight, we will be together again, in Cincinnati. We are both flying, but by slightly different means. She will be on a Canadair Regional Jet, looking something like this.

It's a nice airplane, based on one of my favorite models of corporate jets. However, it's still an airliner, which means being squished into a too-small seat next to an odorous stranger and a screaming child behind you, facing major delays and extended lay-overs.

I will be flying in a Diamond DA-40 Diamond Star, which looks like this.

This is the four-seat version of the two-seat airplane I'm flying in the video I posted a few days ago. In the same amount of time MB will have to wait at her lay-over airport, I will fly from Virginia to Ohio, in a perfectly comfortable seat, with no screaming or odorific people on board. Need I say more about the wonders and freedom of general aviation versus the cattle-car airline experience?

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Here's what MB and I would like to fly eventually at:

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