Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Hurricane Season

The one I don't have to care about. The seas, they are angry I have left them, and immediately produced a Barry.

I suppose every now and then they come to Virginia, where I'll be next month, but none of the realtors and home inspectors I've been meeting lately-- and there have been A LOT-- don't seem too concerned. What they're concerned about instead is wafeboard sheathing, which sounds filthy, but is something Bob The Building Inspector things I should inspect. This, and the WPI, and the dust air returns. Also, something about an FRS.

The realtor knows a person named "Mr. Chips" who can regrout the bathroom tile of a townhouse we recently visited. This was announced when we found the soapdishes in the linen closet.

We are not buying that townhouse. Probably would fail the WPI inspection anyway.

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