Friday, October 07, 2005

Long, Strange Journey

Sorry for not updating. It’s because I suck, and also because I am such a good, well-organized professor. Only the real pros have major assignments due in every single course over a two-day period.

Since last I whined at you, I have been despairing of the Millennium Bellemobile. Every now and then it rains in Florida, you see, sometimes as much as four to seven drops at a time. This does not sit well with the Bellemobile, which is an excellent car for a Floridian if you don’t consider the fact that her previous owner cut a gigantic hole in her roof and attempted to stop it up with a sunroof clearly purchased from the trunk of somebody else’s car for as much as fifty-eight cents. So we have a leakage issue, the Bellemobile and I, and the Leakage Issue has created a great many other Issues, such as a Mold Issue, a Stuck Glove Compartment Issue, a Rusted and Barely-Functioning Driver’s Side Seatbelt Issue, and, perhaps most devastating, a Driving To Class With a Wet Butt Issue.

Now I can barely afford breathable air, let alone shoulder a car payment, but last week, I got a letter from the Toyota dealership I used to take the Bellemobile to when she was sick back in my Cape Canaveral starvation days. They mentioned that for some reason—I cannot imagine why—the auto industry is experiencing a run on compact cars. Seems people are suddenly disenchanted with the concept of driving road-rated aircraft carriers with fuel efficiencies of five microns to the gallon.

So they were offering a very good trade-in deal, and I figured I might as well see what reared itself in Merritt Island.

(time for water aerobics! More later today. I just wanted to at least start, so you didn’t get the idea that I don’t love you anymore.)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

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