Saturday, February 03, 2007

Little Black Dress

For her reading at The Womb on Wednesday, MB was very proud to wear this dress, the same one she wore on her first date 11 years ago, because it still fits! She looks as pretty as ever, doesn't she?

MB 2007

MB 1996

Friday, February 02, 2007

Dared and Back Again

Sorry I haven't posted the past couple days, but I was busy stomping through Northern Indiana going "*&^$% it's COLD" and enjoying an all-expenses paid overnight trip to the Comfort Inn North at the Atlanta airport, courtesy of Delta Airlines.

Pictures and body count to follow.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Return to the Womb

The gory details

Hope to see you there. Buy me a drink. I'll need one.


It appears that I have appeared in The South Bend Tribune regarding my appearance at Saint Mary's on Wednesday.

I tried to get an internship with The Tribune as a sophomore, and was very firmly told to go away.


The Womb has now gotten in on the appearing action. Front page mention, full-page write up. Oooooh.

Monday, January 29, 2007

City Too Busy To Hate Me

The Atlanta reading was a dream, a wine-intensive, autographing, people-laughing dream, and I'm so grateful to the planners and The Readers who showed up. Even more to those of you who bought books. I like you the best. You were most wise to know you were working with only the classiest of authors-- the kind who presents a fresh literary work, and five minutes later sits down to make change while she sells it out of her suitcase.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mary Beth Ellis And Her Bra.

We had a full house, with only one injury, when some dear poor woman's chair collapsed beneath her and she bit her lip on the way down. This presented, however, an opportunity for me to become Action! Author! and grab ice from the wine cooler, walk it out to her with a couple napkins, and return to my paragraph.

That's right, folks: Attend a Drink to the Lasses event, come away with a contusion.

As if I wouldn't know where the wine cooler was.

These are the napkins for the hors devours. I cannot get over the napkins. Look at them-- they're even, they've got that little catering swirl, they alternate colors. Never did I think I could warrent such a stack of napkins.

Napkins and hors devours. The non-goose kind!

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Stop 1 of Inaugural Book Tour

Many, many thanks to the Saint Mary's College Georgia Alumnae Club for making the first stop of Tink's first Big-Girl Author Book Tour a smashing success. She got her name put on a sign and everything!

They even gave her a bottle of wine, which automatically qualifies them for BFFE status.

Next stop: The Womb!

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