Saturday, February 03, 2007

Little Black Dress

For her reading at The Womb on Wednesday, MB was very proud to wear this dress, the same one she wore on her first date 11 years ago, because it still fits! She looks as pretty as ever, doesn't she?

MB 2007

MB 1996


Anonymous said...

Oh good Lord. Yep, those are German 30something hips, all right. PRE-baby, mind you. As for the thighs-- that better be attributable to the way I'm standing, is all I can say.

Then again, that '96 picture was taken before I started working out with weights. Yeah. That's right. It's the WEIGHT TRAINING. (runs and hides)

Josh The Pilot said...

No, babe, it's how you're facing the camera that is the difference. The old pic is a side shot and the new one is head-on. I guarantee from the side you look the same as you did 11 years ago. :)

mike, eagle eyes said...

Is that the infamous Burger King banner referenced in "The Waltz" in the '96 photo?

Either that, or The Rack now has a registered trademark, making it The Rack ®.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that would be The King standing over my shouler.

tamar said...

All of the above is true, AND black nylons are naturally slimming. You look Mah-velous!

Jenib said...

Just add ice skates and you have a perfect finish.

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