Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It appears that I have appeared in The South Bend Tribune regarding my appearance at Saint Mary's on Wednesday.

I tried to get an internship with The Tribune as a sophomore, and was very firmly told to go away.


The Womb has now gotten in on the appearing action. Front page mention, full-page write up. Oooooh.


John B. said...

Oh, what a shame...I am out of town that day on business, otherwise I would stop in and meet you, I have been a long time reader of your blog.

Lots of snow up here in South Bend...'bring your coat and galoshes' as my mom used to say.

MissDirected said...

I love that SMC refers to you as an Author/Humorist. Because you're not just a humorous author, you're an author AND you're funny. Two totally separate things.

mike, once interviewed by the s.b. tribune said...

Am I nuts, or did the Trib article basically just crib from the St. Mary's release?

And they didn't give you an internship why, again?

Nicko McDave said...

That pic of you in the purple shirt kind of creeps me out. It's nothing to do with you personally; it's just that, whenever I see a picture that only shows the upper half of someone's body, I immediately think: "CENTAUR!"

red pill junkie said...

Looky looky!:

"Ellis will read at the University of Notre Dame’s 2007 Literary Festival in February. The event has a national reputation for attracting distinguished authors, including past participants Joyce Carol Oates, Kurt Vonnegut and Tennessee Williams."


That internship is in the bag, mike ;-)

Jules said...

So, I really need to know if you happen to bump into Kurt Vonnegut anytime soon....

One recent course in my quest to get my Bachelor's (in writing/lit, no less) before I am eligible to collect social security involved my selecting Mr. Vonnegut as my "target author" and writing all sorts of nifty Vonnegut-related papers, I was also required to read "Hard Times" in that same class, and was introduced to the likes of Democritus, Pythagoras, Zeno, Plato, Bonaventure and Hume in my Beginning Philosophy class, which made for an interesting literary spectrum.

Now it's just "The Odyssey" in my ancient lit. class.

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