Friday, February 02, 2007

Dared and Back Again

Sorry I haven't posted the past couple days, but I was busy stomping through Northern Indiana going "*&^$% it's COLD" and enjoying an all-expenses paid overnight trip to the Comfort Inn North at the Atlanta airport, courtesy of Delta Airlines.

Pictures and body count to follow.

same underwear for two days at:


jcat2323 said...

You should start selling the Blonde Champagne Airplane Survival Kit, complete with extra set of underwear and individual sized packets of crackers. And a copy of your book, of course.

AlaskaMe said...

I agree with Jcat - in fact I think you should have your own travel show.

mike-cicle said...

You're lucky. It's even more *&^$%ing COLD now. The "Arctic Blast" that's not a Powerade flavor but was our forecast for when you were stalled for a few days and is here now. We won't see double digits until next Wednesday.

So when I say that the whole city feels colder now that you've left, I'm not just making a sappy metaphor.

tamar said...

Yeah, I am smack dab in the middle of MI's 'blizzard warning'.

Should have known yesterday. When the weatherman says, "When this arrow of cold meets this arrow of cold....expect a lot of cold." It is NOT a good sign when BOTH arrows are LITERALLY pointed AT.YOUR.HOUSE!!!! Haven't gone outside at all today. My lovely, wonderful hubby ventured out a little while ago. He is hunting and gathering some movie rentals, and some life saving Chinese food. Hopefully he makes it back before becoming a Mattcicle. :)

I'm hibernating until at least wednesday!

ShannJ said...

hope you had a great trip. it's freezing here too. miserable!

mike-berg said...

Me: We won't see double digits until next Wednesday.

I need to clarify: we won't see double digits ABOVE ZERO until Wednesday. The forecasted low for tonight is -13ยบ, which would set a record. Perversely, I'm rooting for that record, since I want something to show for this off-a-brass-monkey cold snap besides a heating bill that will require me to sell at least two internal organs.

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