Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Monday, October 31, 2005

Things You Don't Want To Hear Over the Loudspeaker While Standing In the Pharmacy Line at Walgreen's

"I need a price check on a skull."


Here's a little Halloween Freaky for you: Yesterday, Gary "Isn't Your Butt Sore From All Those Races?" Stevens hit 5000 wins AND I passed 5000 hits on the somebody-read-you! o'meter. Meaning? Thanks for the 4998 page refreshes, Mom.

This year, Jim The Baby Nephew will be appearing Least Authentic Indian Brave Ever:

He is of the Tribe of the Easily Burnt.

And two Halloween Rerun Spectaculars:

Night of the Irish Tenors And the Horribly Non-Clothed Villiage People

Halloween Whoring Nights

poop on my inability to find anywhere to wear a costume this year at mb@blondechampagne.com

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