Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Am to Be Trusted With a Crock Pot and Pastries

So contend Gregory The Reader and Chelsea The Reader, who have so very kindly provided Josh The Pilot and me with said wedding items. Gregory The Reader was in charge of the cookie sheet, which brings the AirBake count to two of four. Awesome.

When we registered for four, I had to explain the four-count to Josh. You can't just have one cookie sheet. You need two in the oven, one to prepare for the oven, and one to sit dripping in the sink, containing the charred remains of the first cookie attempt. Thank you, Gregory!

Chelsea gave us a crock pot, second only the Chef 'n Vibe Palm Hand Peeler in the Potentially Dirtiest-Titled Kitchen Utensil category. From what I understand of my mother's use of a crock pot, you plug it in right before Price Is Right comes on, and hurl some meat in, and somehow right around the time Mr. Rogers is over, it has created dinner. I think I will like my crock pot. Even if the Internet wants me to use it to make a dessert involving rhubarb. Rock on in your extreme rockage, Chelsea.

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Chelsea said...

So glad it arrived in one piece. I will gladly share some fabulous crock pot soon as I find one simple enough for me to make. Anyway, crock on!
Chelsea The Reader

Anonymous said...

(kicking self for not having thought of "crock on" first.)

We are very appreciative of your generosity, dear Chelsea. I can't wait to attempt the chicken and dumplings my mom made. Should be interesting.

Riona said...

You know what's awesome? If you roast a chicken, say on Sunday, just throw the carcass in the crockpot that night w/ a quartered onion, a chopped carrot or two, and maybe some peppercorns. Come morning you have the best chicken stock ever, all completely without effort. Strain it and throw in some noodles or vegetables or what have you, and there's dinner.

I love your blog.

Josh The Pilot said...

Thank you Chelsea and Gregory!

Anonymous said...

Honestly thought your tag line said "trusted with crock pot and pasties" ... which is a whole other gift giving experience altogether. Love your work!

Daniel said...

That's right Josh, about the cookie sheets.

But I already know this because I have fancied being a chef and still love to cook when I'm alone in the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, two newbies in the Tasting Room. Welcome, riona and anon, and many thanks for speaking up and letting me know you're out there :)

Jenib said...

Here's a great pot roast recipe for the ingredient challenged (me-I never just have anything "on hand"):
One pot roast
One packet Hidden Valley ranch dressing (dry packet)
One packet of brown gravy mix (dry)

Toss roast in crock, dump both packets on top, close lid, heat on low for eight to ten.

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