Sunday, May 27, 2007

Meet me in Cincinnati

As of this morning, MB and I are on opposite sides of the country. By tonight, we will be together again, in Cincinnati. We are both flying, but by slightly different means. She will be on a Canadair Regional Jet, looking something like this.

It's a nice airplane, based on one of my favorite models of corporate jets. However, it's still an airliner, which means being squished into a too-small seat next to an odorous stranger and a screaming child behind you, facing major delays and extended lay-overs.

I will be flying in a Diamond DA-40 Diamond Star, which looks like this.

This is the four-seat version of the two-seat airplane I'm flying in the video I posted a few days ago. In the same amount of time MB will have to wait at her lay-over airport, I will fly from Virginia to Ohio, in a perfectly comfortable seat, with no screaming or odorific people on board. Need I say more about the wonders and freedom of general aviation versus the cattle-car airline experience?

Thanks to for the pictures.

Here's what MB and I would like to fly eventually at:


cousin alicia said...

That's a sweet ride, Josh. Have a nice reunion!

red pill junkie said...

Niiiiiiice! ;-)

Laney said...

JTP, I’m sure you are a skilled and competent pilot, but there is no way I would ever ride in that stick of gum you call an airplane. I'll take my chances with the grumpy passengers and the cramped seats. The A700 looks cool though. Have fun flying. : )

Anonymous said...

Josh.. you should see the new Diamonds we have here at riddle. They're pretty sweet :)

Josh The Pilot said...

Anon, do I know you?

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