Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Nest

Here's a Thank You, Thank You Update on my Virtual Shower, hurled generously upon me by The Readers:

Tamar The Reader sent a Caboodles Makeup Organizer Tray. This is perhaps my most cherished registry item, because 1) it was a joy to discover that Caboodles made it out of the Bush 1 administration and 2) unless he starts wearing foundation and mousse blush on a regular basis, Josh won't get anywhere near it. Mine, like the closets and the pantry and the Kleenex cozy.

Tamar also gave us the Chef 'n Vibe Palm Hand Peeler, which I decided I needed because it is quite possibly the dirtiest-titled kitchen utensil I have ever seen. Also, it's in avocado, which means a return to the colors of the disco kitchen of my birth.

Laura The Reader got the Pyrex Bake and Store Set, which is awesome. I can't decide which aspect is more awesome, the baking or the storing. Good thing I have the rest of my married life to figure it out.

E & M The Readers wrapped up... are you ready? Are you ready? OK, are you ready?... The Complete Home Bartender's Guide: 780 Recipes For the Perfect Drink. Right off the registry. 780 perfect drinks. Do you know how many drinks a day that is for a year? It's, like, a whole lot. Gotta be at least one a day. Yes, E & M recognize that nothing says holy matrimony like a good, constant buzz.

I greatly appreciate all of you-- not only your readership, but also your thoughtfulness and kindness. Thanks to these fine folks, I won't only be displaying pictures of the crappy things I eat and sew while nicely sloshed, but can do so with a clear bathroom counter.

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Anonymous said...


Only you would get dirty sounding kitchen utensils.

I know math wasn't your strong subject but your book of drinks will give you about 2 drinks and 1 shot each day. Nice way to keep a buzz.


Anonymous said...

Showers of virtual presents--or is it a virtual shower of presents? Well, crap--it's oodles of presents no matter. Hmmm, must check out the registry now--my virtual neighbor is gettin' hitched!

Josh The Pilot said...

Thanks E&M, Tamar, and Laura! Y'all rock!!

Tamar said...

I saw the Caboodles,and LAUGHED out loud! I HAD to get it, I mean it was SOO late 80's, early 90's. I couldn't help myself, THEN I saw the 'dirty' kitchen utensil, and I HAD to get that too!

I wish you two all the best of luck. You should realize that you bring a lot of happiness to a lot of people, and now people have a reason to show you how much they care about you. Enjoy your dirty, dirty kitchen life ;)

tamar said...

You're welcome Josh. :)

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