Monday, May 21, 2007

Where I Live Now

The dominating piece of art in the kitchen here in the Secure Undisclosed Writing Residency is that of a sad clown. It was clearly rendered by a child, or is meant to suggest to the viewer that the artist was one. Or something. It is the creepiest thing on the face of the Earth. I would share a picture of it with you here, but I cannot locate my USB photo cable. I blame the clown.

Only thing worse than an actual clown is a kid-creepy picture of a sad one. I couldn't sleep at night. I took it down, hid it in the pantry, and replaced it with far less disturbing images of various genocides.

Also, can somebody please let me know what time it is? The time on my computer is different from my cell phone reset, which is an hour off from the digital clock on the microwave, which doesn't match the clock next to my bed. Apparently this is because Arizona wasn't on Daylight Savings Time, and then it was, and now it actually is Daylight Savings Time, with the result that I will remain jetlagged anyway.

This all resulted in the Ultimate 21st Century Moment: The other day I actually had to Google to find out what time it was. I still don't know. All I know is I also got online to find out when the Preakness coverage started, and discovered that the horses were by that time off the track and shipped to the breeding shed.

Stupid daylight.

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steve said...

oh my dear, lovely, chronologically challenged i leave this post, it is, according to my computer clock, 0240, or 2:40am. if you can nail down FL/VA time, just subtract 3 hours as we do not observe DST and the left coast jumps ahead to meet us

Cbell said...

Oh... hate that you missed the Preakness! It was memorable!!

Anonymous said...

If they've graced you with a television, try to find a local news station and they usually have a little box down in the corner with the time & temp.
Don't freak out about the time; I wish all the time that I didn't know what time it was especially on a bad work day that seems to drag on forever! Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country . . .

It is 12:52pm in Cincinnati.:)

Lisa said...

OTOH, you are in AZ during the most gorgeousest time of the year, where NONE of the plants resemble anything in Ohio and the azaleas are twelve freakin' feet tall.

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem. I so want to go outside and play with the cacti, but I have to stay in here with the clown and type. But if I am good, I promised myself that at the end of the week I will let myself go to one of the national parks in the area.

Jcat said...

Clowns are totally creepy, especially after watching Stephen King's IT.

the celina(s) said...


It's gorgeous here? Now?

It was pretty in March. The orange blossoms were unavoidable at ASU (in a good way), the palo verdes were not just verde, and the prickly pears were a yummy shade of purpley-pink. Now they're all burned to a crisp. Lovely.

If you do indulge in some desert playtime, look out for the grasshoppers. They're everywhere right now. ::shudders:: Though I have to admit that they are far less creepy than clowns.

Lex said...

I live in AZ, so I can tell you that we two are currently on Pacific time, or it is precisely the time it says on this clock right here:

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