Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thank you, RPJ!

It seems Nascar's effort to expand its market reach into Mexico is succeeding. Tonight I received a very generous gift certificate from Red Pill Junkie, earmarked for #24 coasters. They will be put to good use, amigo! You'll have to tell me what the English translation is of that phrase you told me to say when I use the coasters.

For anyone else who was thinking about getting me the coasters from The B3 Store registry, please still do so. My man-cave will never have too much JG memorabilia. :-)

Arriba! at:


Anonymous said...

I cannot in good faith ever buy anyone anything Jeff Gordon. Sorry.

mike (stremme said...

The problem is, just like MB's china and gift towels, you're going to need two. One for actual use, and one as a commemmerative.

mike (stremme's in 11th) said...

I can't believe I just doofed that.

red pill junkie said...

Well, the correct translation would be:


And of course, you have to make the movement with the glass ;-)


Josh The Pilot said...

If you can't stand Gordon, which I understand there are many people like you, Jimmie Johnson coasters or other memorabilia will suffice. lol
Shucks, I'll be thrilled with anything Nascar or aviation related for my man-space.

Anonymous said...

Cannot do the Jimmie Johnson thing either. But, maybe something generally NASCAR. Even though you're a Gordon fan (my mom is too), we can still be cool.

DivineDivorcee said...

So, rpj, does that translate as,

Centro, y

My spanish is rusty...

Dan the soldier aka Dan the brother-in-law-to-be said...

Tink and Josh,
You two are missing the ultimate advertising a link to your wedding registery here on blondechampagne...unless I missed it and then I appologize for my blindness.

mike, tequila sunrise said...

divine, when I did tequila shooters I always said "¡Arriba, Abaja, al Centro, al Dentro!"

Of course, I was the only one who didn't need the lime or the salt, but I'm a badass like that.

Josh The Pilot said...

Dan, we've been talking about it, hence advertising. Cya next weekend, lil bro.

red pill junkie said...

That's right y'all, it actually is

Y PA' DENTRO! (coloquial abbreviation of para dentro)

That's it for today's class of Mexican drinking habits boys and girls, I suggest you do your homework this weekend ;-)

college gal said...

As a recently-turned 21 college student, I thank all of you for your interesting insight into a popular drinking slogan :-)

I always wondered what that saying meant!

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