Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thank you, anonymous or yet-to-be-named Giver Of The Sewing Machine

I seriously never thought this would happen... someone has actually gotten Mary Beth the sewing machine on our Target registry. More amazing is that it's the first item to be fullfilled. Thank you, whoever you are. The gift has made Mary Beth's week, not just day.

I'm going to lay down a challenge to MB, and all you Readers are witnesses: If she actually uses the thing, I will gladly clean it for her when needed, and if she doesn't, I will laugh while she dusts after it sits in a corner for years.

Now, who's going to get my Jeff Gordon sign, coasters, and/or beer cozies?

Thanks again at:


red pill junkie said...

A little piece of advise Josh:

Next time, be sure that the thing you want can also be purchased online.

No Targets stores in Mexico yet bato, sorry :-(

Anything else you are craving to get?

Josh The Pilot said...

Here you go, my friend:

These will be perfect for my man-space room. :-)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help it- the discussion about registering made me laugh a lot because it reminded me so much of when my husband and I did it!

Now you will both have to be honest about how often you check the listing to see what has been purchased. it's addictive.

BTW, the gift is supposed to be anonymous, but I do not know if they still include information about the billing on the packing slip. I really hope not, it defeats the purpose! If for some reason it is included, it was not intentional.

Best wishes!

MB said...

Oh, oh, who are you?! This is so exciting-- and I'm so very appreciative. I wish I knew who you were, so I could make you a scrunchie, or a beer cozy featuring the NASCAR driver of your choice. Thank you so much!

Monica said...

Josh and MB, you may not see the need for the sewing machine now, but when your baby The-Pilots start coming, you'll be glad you have it. You'll find yourself putting together bean bags with popcorn inside, sewing badges onto strips of fabric, making curtains to match who knows what, and other odd projects you never thought you would do. Years may pass before you ever thread a needle but, like the china you'll only use once a year (if that), it's a necessity!

You might want to add a serger, now that you have the sewing machine...

MB said...


DivineDivorcee said...

As a "I didn't sew until I got married" gal, I have to second vote the serger. Trust me -- you will use it. You will use the sewing machine. And you will use the beer coasters, but on (hopefully) different projects.

JeanR said...

Gotta agree with Monica on the sewing machine. I didn't get one until my daughter was born and I'm no Martha Stewart but I'm glad I have it. I actually ended up making the dust ruffle, pillow shams and throw pillows for her room. I even upholstered a head board for her. My husband just about had a heart attack -- he thought his wife had been abducted by aliens. Of course nothing is better than having your 4 year old tell people that mom made my pillows because she loves me (and not care that the stripes don't quite line up.) =)

grammar_queen said...

My sewing machine may be collecting dust at the moment, but it has also made several sets of curtains and two Incredibles costumes for my sons, not to mention random repairs/alterations that would have been a nightmare using a needle and thread. Always handy to have around.

classickelly21 said...

To all MB's readers,

I know this isn't on any registry but perhaps someone would like to pay for MB to have sewing machine lessons. These are available at most fabric stores or quilting shops.

I've known MB for quite a while and I think that professional lessons would be a good idea before she loses any fingers or just gets so frustrated she puts it in a corner and never touches it again.

I'd pay myself but I just don't have that kind of money.

Anonymous said...

Rice makes better bean bags, by the way...and if you just use felt, a large-ish needle, and embroidery floss, you can have a dozen put together in no time, without ever having to touch a scary sewing machine!

(That rice is UNcooked, by the way. And the only reason I know how to make bean bags is because we needed a cheap toy for my nephews.)

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