Saturday, December 22, 2007

Concerning More Things Which Are Shiny

Perhaps to rectify The Jeff Gordon Who Ate The Baby Jesus, an extraordinarily kind gift has arrived from Red Pill Junkie The Reader. It is a beautiful Nativity set, complete with cow:

However, since this Holy Family was mailed from Red Pill Junkie's home in Mexico, they created their own immigration crisis. First the international shipping of it all presented a red-tape problem; then Fed-Ex tried to deliver the package, but the intolerant, immigration-unfriendly postal employees bounced it to another address. Baby Jesus was then shipped to a nearby town to wait in Fed-Ex purgatory as Congress reconvened to sort it all out.

Once everyone arrived, I placed them on my server (newlywed term for an avocado green, fourth-generation hand-me-down dresser with a tablecloth thrown over it) next to our Advent wreath. You can't have too much Jesus in a house, especially when He arrives packing sheep. Prior to this, the only item I've ever had in my possession from Mexico was a fantastically tacky sombrero I dragged back from Nogalas when I was six, and this smells way better. Thank you, my friend.

año y felicidad prósperos at:


Red Pill Junkie said...

You are very much welcome :-)

Red Pill Junkie said...

PS: Oh! and you might want to add a ~ to the world "ano", otherwise it turns into a slightly different wish ;-)

Anonymous said...

RPJ, how about
año y felicidad prósperos
is that the correct way to write it?

I was curious, so I checked the word in Google translations. Whoa, didn't realize a ~ would make such a difference.


Anonymous said...

tcjd146, thanks for typing it out that I might copy-and-paste :) I'll go change the signoff now.

Mike Marchand said...

He is right, though; unless you're intentionally trying to say "year and happy prosperous," which, you know, is totally cool with me.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Well, if we want to obey all the rules of grammar, then it should be "Próspero Año Y Felicidad". But I wouldn't want MB to relive all the pain that the book "Dímelo Tú!" inflicted upon her during her years at The Womb ;-)

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