Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What Are You DOING?!

Two things.

THING THE FIRST: The Cellar looks different, I know. Many have written in support of that spiffy new-old banner up there, created last year by Red Pill Junkie The Reader. (As if I could do anything remotely so competent.) For some reason just about everyone seems to prefer this banner to the one which was there before, which, as one The Reader indicated, closely resembled carbonated pee.

Mike The Longtime Reader and Amy The Reader tried their durndest, complete with attached jpgs and solar flares and very small words, to help me center the new banner. Alas, my blondeness persists, and the only way to make the banner nice and centery was to change the layout. I'm sorry. Please do try to carry on.

THING THE SECOND: If you haven't checked the Appearances and Events page recently over at DttL.com, you might wanna. I will be Appearing at several Events over the next few months, including a wine tasting this Friday, November 30, at Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church in Potomac Falls, VA. Because if there is one thing we Catholics know besides beer, running hospitals, guilt, incense, fish fries, bingo, pointy hats, and making craft projects out of little scraps of construction paper, it is wine. If you can make it, please RSVP to media@drinktothelasses.com. BONUS: Josh The Pilot and his wedding ring will be there.

Also, I lied. There is a THING THE THIRD. It would have been cooler to roll this out on Cyber Monday, but I felt it was more important to stay up until two in the morning fretting over robot urination. You see that little item over to the right? No, not what was left of your human dignity before The Bachelor finale--my Amazon Associate link. That is correct: Four years after the rest of the world hopped on board the Associates program, I grab hold of the dangerously tipping sideboard. While Drink to the Lasses is still available directly from the publisher, if you choose to raft the Amazon, kindly use my skiff. Even if you're not ordering DttL (because you already have so very many copies in your possession, I'm assuming), I'd appreciate it if you'd click on that little thingy-thing there before you slap down that credit card... number. (Buying just ain't what it used to be. Remember all those outstanding "shop until the card is smooth" references? What can we say now? "I shopped until the sever timed out and my rolly chair rollers were all imprinted in the carpet! YEAH!" It's... just not the same.)

The reason why I implore this of you is that it will enable me collect a commission at absolutely no additional cost to you, and now that I've ripped away the day job net and all, my new husband I are in search of scraped-together income at every turn. For the baby, you know. (Not our baby. But somewhere, perhaps in your very own home, there's a baby, and that baby wants you to give me money.) This Amazons Associate system really works, so I'm told; once, somebody on Friendboy Andy's page clicked on his link, and browsed around for a while, then bought a ridiculously expensive digital camera, which meant that Andy got enough commission to buy, like, a whole entire candy factory. So: For me, for the baby, for the candy factory... use the banner, if you please. Many thanks.

yes I know, the most important things in life aren't things at: mbe@drinktothelasses.com


Anonymous said...

Love the new layout, the title is awesome. Great job RPJ.

So I was looking at something and apparently I sent you a comment the other day and I totally don't remember writing it. Are you sure it came from me? If I were going to comment on having your title on one side, I would have used my big girl word "Askew", it is my favorite art/crafty word.

Scary to think my memory is really that bad.

red pill junkie said...

Well, obviously this is a biased judgement, but I love what you're doing with the place :-)

And I promess that the next thing I buy from Amazon I will be using your banner. We an't just abadon that poor baby now, can't we? ;-)

CJ said...

I like the new layout and the title graphic by red pill junkie. Apology not necessary – we’ll be able to carry on just fine, MB.

college gal said...

Love the new layout. It's still clean and streamlined, which makes it very easy to read (one of my main problems with other blogs that clutter the screen with ads, links, etc).

And when I order my spring semester books, I'll be sure to use your Amazon.Com banner. Graduate school books are way more expensive than undergrad ever was, so you should be able to start a nice emergency champange fund :-)

Tony Rossi said...

The new layout is suprcalifragilisticexpialidocious-ly classy!

LiteraryAlchemist said...

"...as one The Reader indicated, closely resembled carbonated pee..."

AHAHAHAHA... oh... ouch. I'm sorry, MB... it just... well, did. It absolutely didn't seem "you" - classy, witty, clever, well planned. It just seemed sorta tacked on.

Red Pill Junkie - Your bias is merited, I'm pleased to see your slick endeavor welcoming us every day.

I'll hush, now, before I get in real trouble.

--Lit, The Reader #198

Anonymous said...

I love the new banner; very upscale! I shop on Amazon way too much so from now on, I'll do it through you!

Sara N

mike sucks with widgets said...

Count me in as liking the new layout as well, even though I didn't actually do that, nor did I even attempt to.

Also, you can stick Twentysomething up there and I won't even think less of you. At least you're not cramming images of holly and presents in every available crevice like most places that want me to buy stuff.

Josh The Pilot said...

I like being a bonus! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear MB your website layout is lovely! And classy! And sleek! (Just like you.)

Change is good :)


amy lou the reader said...

MB: I think the new site is fantastic.

Heather the reader said...

Woo hooo! I finally get to meet MB on Friday. And drink with her. IN A CHURCH!

jules said...

MARY BETH!!!!!! what are you DOING? No, I'm only kidding. Your site looks really awesome. It's all elegant and stuff. First things first, second things second, third things third. Even your maintenance blog entries are fun to read!

Kell Belle said...

Me again,

Still loving the new blog. Not loving that someone tried to take my identity. (Like anyone would really want my life: 30, single, still in college debt up to my ears, stuck with a disease that attacks some new body system everytime and has no cure... wow I am depressing myself.)

Anywhoo, just trying out the new idenity. You can all thank MB, this is the nickname she gave me in college.

Kell Belle, formerly known as Classickelly21

Sarah said...

I like the new banner. I like it a lot.

2xgtld said...

And a LOVELY job of graphic design, red pill junkie!

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