Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I like to give professional interviews as a writer, so when Monsignor Jim Lisante's people (he has people) contacted my people (I have no people; I have an email account and a mini-fridge) to appear on "Personally Speaking," I said I would do so only if Bob Dole and Marky-Mark Wahlberg and Pat Boone and The Tesh went first.

So there's, like, actually, legitimately famous people featured on this program, and then there's me, who was stuck in a regional airport at the time of the interview, which meant I conducted a conversation with a fairly major force in Catholic media while crouching in a bathroom hallway. It was that or the tarmac; it was the utter, periodic inability to hear one another over angry roaring propellers versus the occasional FLUUSHHHHHHH. You pick.

At one point I found what I thought was an abandoned, unlocked office, and ducked in there, and began speaking very earnestly about marriage decisions and crippling obsessive-compulsive disorder, there amongst the dust-covered computers, and then a suit-wearing person opened a door from the opposite direction and very pointedly wanted to know if he could help me. I gave him the "one second, one second," sign and darted out the door, as though I had some hugely vital suit-intensive business to transact with him, but it had to wait until I completed my audience-of-one monologue concerning the onset of panic attacks at the age of ten.

So that's all going down on Sunday, October 14, on SIRIUS Radio's Catholic Channel. If you, like me, are completely flummoxed by all things SIRIUS, a podcast link will also become available. The show starts at 8 PM EST, and I'm on in the second half, because first? Corporal Klinger! You are so lucky you know me.

in my contract at: mbe@drinktothelasses.com


Monica said...

You and Klinger? Holy Toledo! Was it a "Born In Ohio" show?

mike, siriusly speaking said...

SIRIUS Radio's Catholic Channel.

I'm assuming this is Channel 159, for those of you who actually have SIRIUS. If you don't, you can listen live by streaming it here. Scroll down.

red pill junkie said...

What is this about you not having any people? or do you think of your brand new husband as a practical domestic APPLIANCE? :-)

Congrats on the interview. I'll be sure to download the podcast when it's available.

boblawblogger said...

You AND Klinger . . .as a reader of blonde champagne AND a huge MASH fan, I'm there. It's like the podcast made in heaven.

Tony Rossi said...

As the producer of "Personally Speaking," I want to pass on the info that the show is changing dates and time slots beginning this Sunday. It will air Sunday nights at 8:00pm Eastern Time 95:00pm Pacific Time). I'll get you the exact date ASAP.

MB said...

Thanks, Tony :)

Tony Rossi said...

Of course I meant 5:00pm Pacific, not 95:00pm. It's only 95:00pm on my home planet of Quark.

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