Saturday, October 06, 2007

She Wore the Dress, and I Stayed Home

After seven years, I have a sister in my home again. Esther The Sister-In-Law is here, and I was scared that I would scare her, because Esther can cook and plumb plumbing and fix cars and the rest of the world, too. And... we've seen my cupcakes.

I have long known the benefits of having a big sister, but as it happens, sisters are useful for more than merely producing nephews; sometimes, they come in a younger version. Esther took me out for dinner once, for instance, and this weekend Josh, who made the mistake of sitting between us, tried to change the channel while we were watching a home decorating show, and I had another person on hand to hit him and screech.

I had secondhand couches which required recovering; for this, I had two sets of Wal-Mart sheets and a staple gun, and if it were up to me I would wind up with a wad of cotton, a small pile of metal, and legal blindness. Esther went in with the staple gun and walked away from a couch which looked reality show-fabulous, and not at all sheet-intensive. And then she did the same thing with a loveseat, a curtain, and an armful of end-of-the-bolt fabric.

Big sistering, then, has its perks. I shall send her forth to check the toilet that runs. And come back with wine. Maybe I'll let her paint my nails.

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Anne said...

Oh! So glad for you MB. I have two sisters; one is 16 yrs older, the other is 5 yrs older. Alas, they live about 1200 miles from me. I miss them. I really need my sofa recovered. May I borrow Esther? No? OK.

Do you want any of my 5 older brothers?

Anonymous said...

Very cool!
My big sister loves Transformers and Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh, which fascinates (and entertains) my 3 boys, my best friends' 3 boys, and any other boys who happen to be in the general area.
She also brings Pocky which is mostly why I love her.
That and the whole "I raised you after dad died and mom went crazy!" thing.
My sisters-in-law...notsomuchworthanything.

Heather said...

I have sort-of-sisters, also known as SILs. My favorite of my 5 SILs is here for the week. I only have one brother, so of course I had to marry a man with a plethora of sisters. He has two brothers too, but they don't count for much with me, unless I have a tree down in the backyard that DH needs help to cleanup, LOL!

MEP said...

No doubt the two of you will stick together in all types of weather, the same in the rain or snow . . . perhaps in tight places you think and you act as one

HelloBettyLou said...

My younger sister hates me, you're lucky.

Dan-the-Soldier/Brother-in-Law said...

Glad my big sister could be of help. I guess that's what comes from a helicopter mechanic with a finance degree mom and a general contractor with a IT flare father.

Simon said...

I was disappointed that your cupcakes were actually cupcakes.

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