Wednesday, April 04, 2007


My sister had about four bridal showers. Due to scattered friends and no life, I have maybe a quarter of that to look forward to, and was feeling momentarily frowny about this, because you can never have too many rounds of Wedding Bingo.

Until! The palm tree photo frame arrived! Along with the mixing bowls!

The delivery address on my registries is my parents', which meant that yesterday my mother and I had the following conversation:

MOM: Two presents came for you yesterday.

ME: Screeeeeeeeeeee!

MOM: The Pyrex mixing bowls and the palm tree photo frame.

ME: Screeeeeeeeeeee!

MOM: (Long pause.) Do you... know somebody named "GrammarQueen"? And... "college gal"?

And then I realized: I am getting multiple bridal showers. One of them is virtual, that's all. People I never met are sending presents for me to open, and I'm not even under indictment or with a fever of a hundred and four, plus I still don't have to invite them to the wedding and attempt to have an actual conversation with actual people. I thank you, GrammarQueen and college gal, for rocking most, most heartily.

To recap: We now have three (3) mixing bowls, and one (1) swaying palm photo frame, and one (1) sewing machine, which may or may not wind up destroying the marriage. So now I can sew and mix things, and then proudly display pictures of whatever it is I crappily sew and mix.

Checking the "fulfilled" list also prompted me to change the cappuccino maker, again again, because for once I happened to check the guest rating function, and the most recent review under the machine we'd chosen read: "It worked great until it exploded." Well, now I know not to try to fly with the thing. It's probably next on the FAA Banned List-- CO2 cylinders, gels, and steamed milk.

now serving little tiny sandwiches with the crust cut off at:


HunterHouseMom said...

I've been thinking about my responsabilities as mother of the groom. A couple of my friends have recently been through that experience and it seems like some etiquette book says I should host a bridal shower for MB.

How do I do that that when we live in different towns, my friends don't know the bride, her friends don't know me, etc.

Can I host a virtual shower? Ideas anyone? One of my friends is collecting recipes from friends to give the bride.

Contact me at HunterHouseMom at

MB said...

Oh my goodness, you're already giving me the groom! I don't expect anything at all, especially considering all the tremendous help your family has given me. The recipes alone would be fantastic :)

Jenn said...

MB--why do you want a cappucino maker when you don't even like coffee?

classickelly21 said...


The whole virtual shower thing is soooo cool. You won't have to pretend to be excited when you open the 500th present and your guests won't have to "ooh and aah" when you open them.

Now I want a wedding. Or at least to register at some place that isn't a hospital. (Although U Penn is being very accomodating about my requests.)

MB said...

For the same reason I registered for the melon baller.

(Besides, Josh and I don't consider French Vanilla gas station cappucino actual coffee.)

Anonymous said...

Um, don't you think - and, yeah, you're being ironic, but STILL - it's a tad rude to talk about how great it is you don't have to invite certain people to your wedding and talk to them when said certain people have just bought you gifts?

ShannJ said...

At the time of our wedding, the groom and I were living in Chicago, and both my parents and in laws were (are) living in Cincinnati.

My mom's 3 sisters, two of my cousins, and my sister (the last three were all members of the bridal party) hosted a shower for my family (both mom and dad's side) and my friends. All members of the wedding party were invited, along with the groom's mom, sisters, and grandmothers.

My husbands 2 sisters and his godmother hosted a shower for his family (both mom and dad's side) and all of my mother-in-law's friends (wedding party and my mom, sister, and grandmothers also invited). I didn't know all of my MILs friends (I did know all of the family and some friends at that point), and for someone as quiet as me, the shower was a bit intimidating, to say the least, but everyone was very nice, and very generous. If I remember correctly, my sister and 2 of my friends that were bridesmaids were unable to attend, so it was mostly just me and the in-laws.

We traveled from Chicago to Cincinnati on two separate occasions for the showers. If you really want to have a shower, maybe you could do it with just your family and friends before MB leaves Florida?

Oh, and the recipe idea is really cute. My dad's cousins collected recipes and gave them to me at my shower with a bunch of kitchen accessories (colander, dishtowels, some pasta, etc.)

We also traveled from Chicago nearly 7 1/2 months pregnant for two baby showers. That traveling experience wasn't nearly as comfortable!

Laney said...

You need to have some of your gifts sent to your future Mother-in-law's house. That way she can be more involved. Just a suggestion. : )

MB said...

"Um, don't you think - and, yeah, you're being ironic, but STILL - it's a tad rude to talk about how great it is you don't have to invite certain people to your wedding and talk to them when said certain people have just bought you gifts?"

Um, no. Those who have been with me for a while are familiar with my vast inability to conduct small talk and feel comfortable with people, especially new people. This section of the post, therefore, was in no way a slam on them, but instead a self-depricating observation on my own sad lack of social skills.

Come on, these kind folks have given me BOWLS! The greatest way to say thank you is to not subject them to me.

college gal said...

I'm glad you liked the picture frame...and in reference to the anonymous comment, I don't think I would have enought of the green stuff to make it down to FL (or over to OH). I did like your shout out though!!

MB said...

Thank you, collegegal. I'm so glad you didn't take offense, because certainly none was meant :)

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