Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dark Week Begins

Twenty-one years on.


Kris said...

I was in the 6th grade. The teacher had wheeled in a tv so we could watch - you know, everyone wanted to see the Teacher in Space! She was particularly relevant to me, since we shared a rather uncommon name.
I can't remember how we handled the rest of the day. What a tragedy.
Thank you for remembering and for helping us to remember.

Cbell said...

Wow. I honestly didn't realize that much time has passed. Thank you for remembering and reminding me of some incredibly courageous people.

Kell Belle said...

It doesn't seem like 21 years since I was sitting at my desk in 3rd grade. The other 3rd grade class was sitting on the floor, it was quite an event when we got to combine the classes. I remember watching and looking at the teachers when we saw the ball of smoke. They had stunned looks on thier faces. I think it was the first time a teacher didn't have an answer as to what happened.

I also remember being glad that my mom, who is a teacher, didn't get picked to go into outer space. (I didn't realize that you had to apply and be picked. I thought they just picked a teacher and sent her.)

Hoping it never happens again.

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