Sunday, January 27, 2008

Following Procedures

If you or anyone you know were saved by a smoke detector, or are in any way impressed by the moon landing, thank the sacrifice of these three men.

It's a little-known story, but you should read it.


'Til 2012 said...

Actually, since Gus Grissom is a State Hero in Indiana, many of us know the story. =)

A my father would point out, Grissom's, "an Old Purdue boy!"

Chelsea said...

Thank you for posting that. I'd never read the full account of what happened. But, I think of all of them quite often.

Starnarcosis said...

I miss the space program.
Yes, I know it's really alive and well, but I miss the sense of astonishment and awesomeness that accompanied it in the sixties, when our teachers herded the whole grade into the library where we actually watched the Mercury and Apollo launches.
Thank God for the men and women who made our space program so safe, and for the guys who were willing to ride a rocket into orbit. It was everything Heinlein, Bradbury and yes, Captain Kirk ever warned us about.

mldavie90 said...

Thanks for the reminder. They're also well known in north Alabama, where the space program has a long history. I am a graduate of Grissom High school; my hometown also has schools named after Roger Chaffee & Ed White (and the Challenger).

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