Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mr. Patton's Neighborhood

Those of you The Readers who have been with Blonde Champagne from the beginning--and I mean the beginning beginning, when there were hurricanes and rollerblades and pina coladas--may remember my roller rink, which was the across the street from The Blonde Bachelorette Pad in the Central Swamp. On pretty much a daily basis, I spun around and around the drop-off circle of a middle school.

Which, as it happens, used to be a bombing range, complete with live ammunition. Last month the Army Corps of Engineers had to evacuate my former complex in order to explode the ordinances, as evidenced by this winsome photo to the right.

According to the Army, the site was used as a training ground during WWII. The money quote: "These demonstrations included strafing, practice bombing, air-to-ground rocket firing, some high explosive bombing, and chemical smoke and spray missions." Do you know how many times I fell down out there?

However, the tons of toxic fill dirt just might explain this guy.

I live in the best places.

34 miles from the Pentagon at: mbe@drinktothelasses.com


Mike Marchand said...

You're nowhere near heavy enough to set off buried ordnance.

If I had fallen, though, there'd be a smoking crater where The Central Swamp used to be.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Talk about Living la Vida Loca! 8-(

The real estate developers were irresponsible for sure, but I think there's fault in the government warnings for being too vague also. Instead of "Look our for hazardous materials" how about "Yo! check out for them bombs!".

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