Monday, December 24, 2007

The Merriest

I wish all of you-- new The Readers, old The Readers, bypassers on the cyberhighway-- a very blessed Christmas. May the Christ Child surround and infuse you with His Love.

adoring Him at:


Kell Belle said...

I love your nativity picture. It is beautiful. I wish you and JTP the most blessed first Christmas together. I will be celebrating in my very own big girl house this year. I am quite excited. I finally have an entire room to show my nativities. I must admit thoughyour Precious Moments cresh with the snow puts mine to shame. Have a blessed day.

Merry CHRISTmas.


indyanne said...

Merry Christmas, MB & JtP!

Anne the Reader

tcjd146 said...

MB and Josh,
Merry Christmas to you. And to all of The Readers too.

- CJ

Tony Rossi said...

A merry and blessed Christmas to the funniest writer I know (That means you, MB). I hope you and JTP especially enjoy your first Christmas as a married couple and have the requisite "first Christmas as a married couple" ornament on your tree to forever remind you of this special time.

TFCWoman said...

And many happy returns of the day to you too! It was great to hear from you guys tonight. Thanks for calling! I love you. Blessings on you both in the new year.

(I'm sad to see that I can't use my xanga log-in for blogger anymore! So, this is SaharaChick, your S.I.L)

Stacey said...

Have a very Merry Christmas, MB! I wish you the holliest and jolliest.

Amy said...

Merry Christmas, MB! Hope yours was fantastic.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Eventhough you are apparently now the official Scrooge of msnbc (they even changed the title of your comment!), I'm sure you and Josh enjoyed a truly wonderful Xmas :-)

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