Thursday, October 11, 2007

Welcome Freelance Switch Readers

Today marks my debut as a columnist for

FreelanceSwitch is.... about... "freelancing," which I swear is an actual career, unlike, say, "columnist." You decide which sounds better at the high school reunion.

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jcat said...

I agree that the 'you call that a job' attitude is 99% percent jelousy. You mean you stay at home, not to be a stay at home mom, and you do actually get money? Where was that option on career day? Of course people tend to forget about things like health insurance and retirement funds, but they are overshadowed by the idea of working on the couch in your pajamas.
There's another blog I visit and the ad revenue from that blog entirely supports the family of the woman who runs it. She and her husband don't need to work. That really makes me jealous, until I remember that health care and retirement funds aren't covered. There's always a catch.

Anonymous said...

hilarious and well-written (as usual)

props to you ; )

red pill junkie said...

Ha Ha! Great one.

And yes, I guess it's mostly jealousy that you go from the bed to your office in less than 10 steps.

One of my sisters is a free-lance writer for some horrible Teen magazine. But in my case it's not the fact that she gets to work at her home what annoys me, but the fact that she promotes and is part of what we call "pink press" (celebrity journalism). She explains me that as a psychologists she deals with articles concerning important problems for teenage girls, like anorexy or abortion, and then I get it. But still... there's always that "But" isn't it?

I have read that most people recommend you actually change your clothes as if you were going to an outside office, instead of staying in one's jammies and slippers. Maybe that would have helped for me, since when I had to do some work at home, I could never pull it off. I never felt in "work mood", although now that I think about it... I have NEVER felt in work mood! :-)

blackmoon said...

Very nice start - I surly won't miss your another article on Freelance Switch;)

college gal said...

I love that site,

I've actually recommended your article to a few friends and my old English professor, who's running a creative writing class. She loves it!

dan-the-soldier/brother-in-law said...

How about a "freelancing columnist"? The best of both worlds? Or just an equally ambiguous phrase meant to further typify the generalization?

Don't worry I'm not that smart, I just like to sound like it.

lance mike for free said...

I think there's potential in a sitcom based on you and JTP. Like "Dharma & Greg," only you're a real blonde. And also, not a complete ditz.

Kim Flournoy said...

What worked for my husband and me was that I now have a sign on my desk that reads "Kim IS NOT working". When I'm actually being billable/productive, I flip the sign over so that it reads "Kim IS working". This way, he doesn't have to stare at my monitor and be a detective, trying to figure out if I'm looking through a friend's photo album or through photography libraries for a client... if my sign is flipped, I'm off limits.

Great article!

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