Saturday, October 13, 2007


You don't need no SIRIUS to be joining the Klinger Catholic OCD Party! Auido of my Personally Speaking interview is here. My Mozilla didn't feel the love, so you may need to open the Internet sewer that is IE to hear it. Sorry.

My portion of the program starts at 13:19. The aforementioned Can I Help You Guy and his suit shows up in the background around 22:40, which is immediately followed by a flurry of slammed doors, total loss of train of thought, and the sound of a day-job office phone that I am most assuredly not answering. Sadly, no flushing.

The Man seeks your feedback: or Don't forget to mention the awesomeness.

still need work on the "um"s at:


Anonymous said...

I thought your interview was wonderful, MB, and you have done your Lasses justice! Kudos for a job well done! (Have your book sales spiked?) Love, Carah

jaarsrep said...

Lois and I enjoyed listening to your podcast while we were driving to Auburn last night, MB. It sounded great.

By the way, I checked out listening from Mozilla tonight, and it worked fine. Have you upgraded to the new version, yet? I did so and had no problems. If it still doesn't work, let me know, and I'll fix it for you. --Tim H.

MB said...

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is a father-in-law :) Thanks much for the tip; it never occurred to me that the new version might be the culprit. I'll check it out.

red pill junkie said...

"So tell us, Mary Beth, why is Marriage a wonderful decission?"

"... Health Insurance?"

Priceless :-)

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