Friday, October 12, 2007

Radio Interview Reminder

Big Catholic Fun goes down this Sunday on SIRIUS. If you can't make the big broadcast (8 PM on The Catholic Channel) stay tuned for the podcast link.

Should you wish kick it feedback style, please do email or with your comments, such as "What are all those flushing noises in the background?" or "Are you aware this woman produces demonic cupcakes?"

just maybe think of me once in a while at:


Tony Rossi said...

Demonic cupcakes? Now they're sure to fire me.

Tripsymilkmaid said...

How exciting! And you have such a lovely voice!

Josh The Pilot said...

I think so, too, tripsymilkmaid!

Anonymous said...

You know, I think it was pretty darn brave of you to go on there, even if you were nervous, and talk about all that you did. You sounded intelligent, witty and someone the rest of us could relate to easily. I've only been reading here a short time, but I really enjoy the blog, your honesty and wit. God Bless, MB, and keep doing your best!

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