Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meet Virginia

So I've been trying to get along with this new state. It seems like a fine state, as states go. It is lumpier than my original state, Ohio, but less apt to be blown into another hemisphere than my most recent state, Florida.

Virginia is a rolling mass of townhouses. Fully non-smoking eateries are seldom an option, for Virginia knows how it got here.

The cars bear a quiet witness to scars I do not fully understand, and hope I will never share; images of the Pentagon on the license plates and Hokie-orange magnets folded in a ribbon loop. I tread lightly here.

I tasted a raspberry wine last month--the vineyard soil is less Napa, more Bordeaux. The second half of that sentence is something I do not say loudly in the non-SuperCenter Wal-Mart down the street. Yards are a luxury. We take our Civil War very seriously here; craning my neck from Florida, I considered this a waaaaay-Northernly move, but people still purse their lips when I hold up a two-liter of Sprite and ask if they would like some pop.

Last week my husband said, for the first time, "We're from Virginia." It played dissonantly on my ears, and then I remembered that there is no open container law in these parts.

I am pleased to meet Virginia.

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Abby the Virginian said...

It’s all relative isn’t it? As someone who was born and raised here (as opposed to having roots here, you might have the accent, but you aren’t properly southern unless your ancestors came here at least 100 years back. Even then you’re probably referred as a carpetbagger) I, and just about everyone else down here, tend to think of those West Virginians as Damn Yanks.

Of course, you are much farther north than I am.

Rachel said...

As a nerd, the first comparison I thought of between Ohio and Virginia was as presidential birthplaces. They're practically tied, with Virginia at 8 and Ohio at 7, but Ohio has an unusual talent for turning out mediocre presidents.

In lieu of typing them out, I'll just put where I found 'em:

kelebek }{ said...

Thanks MB the song is stuck in my head now! I am currently living in Istanbul, though I am trying hard not to sing that one either!

Toni said...

Yeah, being a Florida native, "smoking or non-smoking?" always throws me when we travel up North.

cehl2x said...

Just found out that my family was of the FFV (Fust Famulees of Vuginia)- although we haven't lived there in 200 years. When I moved there 10 years ago, someone said "You can't spit in Virginia without hitting something historic". It's a lovely state- do enjoy!

Starnarcosis said...

An an Ohioan, I realize your biggest adjustment is probably saying "north" and "south" instead of up (towards the Lake) and down (towards the River).

Shauna said...

Yes, I am sorry to correct your husband but the proper phrase would be "We live in Virginia." To be a "Virginian" or to be "From Virginia" you need at least 10 generations over 200 year should do.

- 16th generation Virginian now happy to be a first generation Chicagoan.

Dan-The-Soldier/Brother-In-Law said...

I'm more African-American than any person I know that usually refers to themselves as such. American by birth, Southern by the grace of God, and African because I spent half my childhood there...and Josh The Pilot tagged along too. Being an MK is so confusing. Just please don't ask me where I'm from. Either way you get the long version because there is no short version. Sucks. Haha, and to make matters worst, I now live in Honduras. Globetrotters R Us. Not sure about the whole 2 years thing, but it looks encouraging. And the lady-friend front ain't bad either. Just the language is coming slowly but surely. I just realized this whole thing is so random only those who actually know me probably know what I'm talking about. Sorry y'all. You gotta love the southern contractions. Work at 0230 is sooooooooooo boring. And military time, yet another product of a brainwashed mind that still thinks socks can only be folded one way...the Army way, haha...great, I'm officially loosing it.

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