Monday, September 10, 2007

Stand By

Working on an article, and also not wheeling blunt heavy objects at day job people in the process. Link to come mid-morning, or so I'm told.

the death star is approaching the planet at:


SeeeTeee said...

I just read your article and I totally agree with you on the weight issue. Britney looked great for someone who had just had two kids.

However, and you had to know that there would be a however, she shoulnd't have worn that outfit. It wasn't size appropriate.

Also, and the real reason I came to your site, Britney is alleged to have called her children mistakes and Sarah Silverman was riffing on that. Sarah didn't just call her kids mistakes out of the blue.

Anonymous said...

Hey MB -

Well done. Your article totally summed up how I've been feeling too - a mix of "leave the poor girl alone" and "she brought it on herself." Hard to imagine that anyone would consider her fat, but then again the sequined bikini didn't help set expectations, now did it? She is a train wreck, but a train wreck I feel strangely sad to see. Go figure.

--Rebecca the Reader

Anonymous said...

Donnie may come around! Loved the article.

Anonymous said...

loved loved loved the Donnie Wahlberg comment at the end of the MSNBC article. I believed, right up until the minute I was at the alter saying "I do" that I would be the future Mrs. Wahlberg. Oh sweet Donnie!

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else in America, I've been scanning the Internet for reactions to Britney's performance.

Your article is my favorite. Thanks for writing from a woman's perspective. I just hope after this performance, they can take this troubled young woman off the public pillory long enough for her to recover and find herself again.

Anonymous said...

Britney is fat, period. She is white trash. She is drunk. She is a loser. We will see her sink as low as MC Hammer and she will be broke in 5 years. Then the only option she will have will be to sell her fat *ss on Sunset Strip. Sara Silverman hit it right on. The irony is that Kevin Federline is a better parent than Britney.

LongTimeReader said...

Everyone loves a tragedy...and most like a good comdey...Britney is two for one.

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