Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wifely Duties

I had an deadline today but passed a disturbingly large portion of the afternoon fashioning 36 deviled eggs, and am now at work on a large philosophical essay entitled "Paprika: Why?"

Therefore, I don't have time for a proper post, so here is a picture of my new husband's great regard for the solemnity of cutting the groom's cake instead:


yet another SuperTarget run at:


Toni said...

Ha ha! The only thing better than a mega ren-faire dork is a Scottish mega ren-faire dork. Nice.

Starnarcosis said...

MB, you are a wise wife! In years to come, JTP's friends will be saying "She let you have a radar cake? Really? Cool!"
Of course, you knew that already.

red pill junkie said...

Beer with cake? Kind of an odd combination.

That's why I never have cake at weddings ;-)

AlaskaMe said...

A radar cake with a knife in one hand and a beer in the other - I believe this is a good sign. YEP!

Life's a Laugh said...

Just read the Price is Right article. So true, never settle for the first showcase if they don't say, "A new car!" Also agree that "spay or neuter" would sound weird coming from him. Maybe they could get his "Whose Line Is It Anyway" compadres to be "Carey's Beauties". Could make for some interesting television. Wayne Brady in a floor-length sequin number. 'Nuff said.

Jenn said...

Paprika. Because: it is not red, nor orange nor yellow. Why else?

(Incidentally, I'm impressed with the multitude of directions these comments have gone, when at first glance it would appear you hadn't said much.)

Scott the Taller said...

I think that's how I cut my groom's cake.....the only difference was that the alcohol was in a nice glass

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