Friday, December 29, 2006


Today Josh The Pilot and I went cake-tasting. He was all about this part of the wedding planning, especially when he found out what a groom's cake is.

ME: Can we have a castle on the top of the wedding cake?

JOSH THE PILOT: What I want is a cake that looks like a radar screen. You can color the icing. It could be green fading into black with all these dots, or-- hey! You can get little crackers shaped like airplanes! I'll email you a jpeg you can use for a logo.


JOSH: And I want it to be a cheesecake.

raspberry filling at:


susan said...

JTP wants icing on a cheesecake?

Craig said...

My groom's cake, to be eaten in two weeks, will have Goldy Gopher on it.

mike, college bowl pick'em master said...

My groom's cake, to be eaten in two weeks, will have Goldy Gopher on it.

Must resist . . . joke . . . too easy . . . had Texas Tech . . .

Ugh, sorry about that. Where was I? Oh yeah, cake. I can't have it. So meh.

ShannJ said...

mmmmmm . . . wedding cake. See MB, all of that delightful wedding planning does have it's perks.

J in Cincy said...

The groom's cake at my sister's wedding was THE BEST cheesecake I ever tasted! Made in Cincy by the nephew of a guy who has a biz out on Route 42 - "Jerry's Cheesecake" - - if you're interested.

And trust me - you'll want THIS for dessert - not wedding cake.

the celina(s) said...

Castle on top??

I knew I liked you, MB.


Get one made of white chocolate. I don't know who does it or how but I know they do it and you should get one so I can live vicariously through you.

anne, a reader said...

I just ran across something you may want to ask about - kitchen cakes. You have a display cake that's decorated (and expensive) and a kitchen cake - same cake, just not decorated and hence less expensive. The kitchen cake can also be cut earlier in the kitchen so it's ready to distribute to guests.

It's one way to save some money.

Josh The Pilot said...

That's exactly what we're doing. The display cake, the one we will cut together, is one layer with the castle on top, enough for basically the wedding party and parents, then there will be a giant sheet cake standing by, enough for the rest of the guests. We are saving quite a bundle doing it like this.

Jcat2323 said...

It's amazing what you do now-a-days when decorating a cake. Fondant, gumpaste, and edible images add so many options! The imaginative cakes are my favorites, they're more eye catching and more fun to decorate too.
Love the castle topper idea. White chocolate would be nice because it'd be edible, but it would also be really fragile (and more expensive). Ask the decorator about using fondant (especially if they can use marshmellow fondant. Very yummy. Regular fondant is not that good) or gumpaste. It may not be edible (gumpaste dries too hard to eat) but it will still look great. And they can add shimmer dust to give it a shinny or pearly look (if you want that).
If you have any cake decorator questions let me know. I'll be happy to answer them.(

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