Thursday, December 21, 2006


It's been said that you can't put a price on friendship. As a bride, you most certainly can. It is $21.95.

That is the per-head price for the reception dinner, and suddenly I'm not feeling incredibly close to a lot of people anymore. Everybody who gave birth to me is in. Those who amuse me, also. The rest of you are on the bubble. Lifelong knowledge is no exemption. The guiding issue is what have you done for me lately? Held doors? Arranged jobs? Hurled scorn upon my head?

Those who hurl scorn shall receive this suggested wedding party gift, without content added:

It's quality because it's monogrammed.

ballet slippers beneath the gown at:


Anonymous said...

MB, My husband and I paid for our wedding on our own, so I feel your pain! Also, I am a short, erm, petite, woman. Also, I thought wearing ballet slippers would be great. Alas, they were not. No arch support.

I'm sure you're getting way more advice than you want, so I won't say anything more. Other than to say remember how long you will be on your feet!

Doddy said...

I recommend BYOB - Bring You Own Buffet. Sort of pot luck.

While I supposed in the interest of supporting the bride to be I shouldn't gloat.... But $2k all inclusive for my entire wedding (plus the $250 engagement ring), and that included a week at the Beach for the honeymoon. It wasn't that long ago either - we were just poor.

Prices these days are just horrible.

Carrie said...

I bought dinner Tuesday - does that count for lately? ;-)

MB said...

Yeah, Carrie bought me dinner, so she got an STD from me. Probably because she had a three-way. Too bad she didn't pay attention that day in class. Thanks for the great time, babycakes.

John B. said...

Haven't stopped by in a while.

Ah, those grand wedding memories...who makes the cut, who will never speak to you again. 18 years ago, seems like almost yesterday that my best man puked on my tux.

Have fun and congrats....

SaharaChick said...

Does officially giving my approval for you to marry my brother count?

As for the shoes, ballet slippers are the way to go, they're the next best thing to barefeet!

I know it's tempting, but PLEASE don't elope. I want to see my brother gettin hitched!

Love you future sis!

Cbell said...

Having never been the bride, but having a closet full of bridesmaids dresses that were NEVER long enough (I'm almost 5'10) I can say that there's nothing wrong with going barefoot. I have had to do that more often than not... and one wedding I still had to bend my knees because the pre-ordered southern belle hoop dress didn't even touch the floor! Thank goodness that fashion is out of the way!

red pill junkie said...

No wonder each plate for the reception dinner is $20-plus, considering those big-ass steaks Josh The Pilot is so used to ;-)

Here in Mexico, is always the SAME dinner that's served at weddings: Campbell's soup(cold of course, 'cause the lumps is where the flavor is), boiled chicken dressed with a "special" sauce made up mostly with more Campbell's soup (pecan is usually the most favored choice) and veggies (with the inevitable broccoli, yuck!)

Eating dinner at weddings is not a pleasure, but rather a necessity so you cand widthstand all the booze and don't pass out while watching the newly-weds dance "La Macarena" (please PLEASE tell me you will NOT dance La Macarena!!)

But all in all, the most expensive ans useless part of the dinner is of course: THE CAKE!! Seriously, the only purpose it serves is to be cut by both spuses as the symbol of the first thing they have accomplished together (and for shoving the head of the bride in it, as my ex-brother-in-law did with my sis, maybe if you behave I'll tell ya all about it someday), but THEN? does anyone WANT to have any cake by the end of the reception? No. Use a mock-up cake instead and save a few bucks is what I say.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting engaged ELOOOOOPE!


SusannahS said...

That can holder is one of those lovely yet useless graduation gifts which I received many moons ago. It's tarnishing nicely in the silver drawer, along with the bridesmaid mint julep cups!

Halcyon said...

The way to save on wedding expenses is to have a destination wedding. My husband and I had one - only 14 guests! We didn't even go that far away from home. Just up the California coast. We were able to pay for everyone staying at the same bed and breakfast where the reception took place. We could have even had the wedding at the B&B except Catholic weddings MUST happen at a Catholic church...

Anonymous said...

Well first off...I love DDP. Just had to put that out there.
Secondly, my husband and I have been married for almost 11 years.
The first time he didn't even propose to me, we had a courthouse wedding and the reception was at his parents house with an awesome live bluegrass band. (Indiana much?)We took the money from our gifts (maybe MAYBE $500?) and went to Gatlinburg for a few days.
We were super excited not to start off our marriage in any more debt than we had accrued while single.
I did razz my husband so hard about not proposing that he took me to a comedy club last year, in cahoots with Bob and Tom (radio personalities) and proposed to me on stage. (Everyone say "AWWW!")It was insane and I swore death if he ever "suprised" me (aka lied to me) that way again. Short story long...we are renewing our vows in May and will now actually have the money and appreciation to do a more traditional wedding.
I'm not a girly girl at all, not really into spending all kinds of cash on a dress or what have you..but I am grateful we will have the chance to do it all again with the same guy (and our 3 sons).
Anywho-good luck with all the planning, I reserve the right to use you for comic relief during my own journey.
Thanks again for the DDP. I'm headed toward a real one now.

MB said...

VRM, Bob and Tom ROCK! Your husband more than made up for the non-proposal. What a sweet story :)

mike, always a groomsman . . . said...

My initials are "MJM".

I do want the Diet Dr. Pepper, though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Who's you Buddy?

ShannJ said...

This is why we had a buffet at The Farm - same price for any number of people up to 600! It was quite the party! ;-)

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