Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Night Train

Courtesy of The Stack, I was unable to see Discovery's launch from the Space Coast, so I made do at the University of Airplanes. Here it is as seen from Digi the BlurCam:

Liftoff was like a Daytona Beach sunrise, the glow warming the unmufflered choppers and airbrushed IT'S NOT A BALD SPOT, IT'S A SOLAR PANEL FOR A SEX MACHINE tshirts.

This is just after solid rocket booster separation. I'll use pure NASAese to explain what's going on here: The fat orange blur is the spaceship that carries the astronauts, and the two smaller blurs are the white pencilly things that make it go up in the sky. Now you know.

I've seen one other night launch, at Cocoa Beach, and this was a completely different. For instance, for this one I had my hair in a ponytail instead of straight down. It completely changed the entire experience.

fast FAST comet at: mb@blondechampagne.com

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AlaskaMe said...


I am so with you on this. A hair do can totally influence the weather, the out come of an election, a night out on the town or your every day vibe. So I can see it making a huge impact on a space shuttle launch. Here’s to ponytails.

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