Friday, May 05, 2006


Josh The Pilot has uploaded a recent video from a trip to the Magic Kingdom. (Important people + photographs + violation of an endangered species of emu = cheap Disney entry.) Wait at least an hour after eating before watching, because we're on a ride that whips us around in very fast circles, which is the best possible time to hold out at arm's length a digital camera not yet paid for. Now you can hear our voices! With a whole bunch of wind in front of them!

The video is 38 seconds, in which time the Walt Disney Company sucks up small nation in Europe. If you watch very carefully, you can see a family of four in the background enter conditional bankruptcy.

You're going to Disney World! Via Josh's camera, which threw up after this shot!

$3.41 for an icee at:


mike the longterm reader said...

Was Josh on your lap??

If so, thank God it wasn't the other way around, because if you were on his lap, with all that grunting I think you might have technically lost your virginities. :)

MB said...

Indeed, we would have likely deflowered the entire Magic Kingdom in the process.

As I mentioned in the video (what? You couldn't HEAR ME? With all that WIND? And the TOP OF THE LINE AUDIO EQUIPMENT we were using?) most couples sit with the girl in front, guy in back, but the controls for the ride are in the front, and SOMEBODY had to drive.

amy lou the reader said...


I heard that. The ride looked like fun.

We're about 12,000 miles away from free airline tickets. A good friend lives in Palm Bay, so The Husband and I might have to go to Disney....I've never been there before.

HelloBettyLou said...

I have been to both US Disney locations and I still love them. I still find joy in all the rides and attractions from my childhood (I grew up a stone's throw from The Land). You can only appreciate it that way.

MB said...

Come on down, Amy Lou! We'll double date to Margaritaville!

Jenib said...

Aww you guys looked like you were having so much fun! Maybe someday I will get to Disney.

Joe Berenguer said...
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