Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Welcome Readers

This is God's country, one of violent debate over the superiority of various sub sandwiches. You will be happy here.

Regulars, y'all can just stick it.

best! gymnastics career! ever! at:


Em said...

I admit that as soon as I saw the trailer for "Stick It" I began plotting how I could get my friend's 13-year-old niece to go see it with me. She's my beard.

Anonymous said...

Hee! MB called us out.

Mini T said...

I have to admit that while I may outwardly say that the movie will probably suck and have no plot depth, I secretly want to see them go out and do their back handspring to double full or a triple back off the uneven bars. I think a good 95% of all girls have at least once envisioned themselves on the podium with a gold medal around their neck, bouquet of roses cradled in one arm as they wave to the masses, eyes full of unshed tears. :)

Anonymous said...

Go ahead, while you are shaming me, why not toss in "Turning Point," "Cutting Edge" and, to butch it up a little, "Breaking Away."

Carrie said...

Longtime reader, first time commenting... Although I won't pay actual money to see "Stick It," I'm sure that a few years down the line, I will regularly watch it when it airs on the USA Network every other day--much as I currently do with "Bring It On." Incidentally, I just caved and bought "The Cutting Edge" on DVD because upon watching my VHS copy I noticed an odd greenish cast to the picture. Quite disheartening.

Anyway, love the blog--I've gone back and read all the archives, some entries more than once. As a fellow 1977 baby, you've lured me in with the "Star Wars" love. I don't agree with your politics, but I really enjoy the rest of your writing. Keep up the good work!

Joe said...

MB- If you want to capture the hearts of the teeny-boper-chick-flick audience (AKA the Freddy Prinze Jr/Julia Styles/ Rachel Laiegh Cook etc. loving fans)by being part of the solution instead of the problem [and make millions of dollars]then I highly reccomend you write the Misty May/Kerry Walsh Women's Olympic Beach volleyball story. Of I'll co-author the screen play- assuming I would be allowed to accentuate those Bay Watch and Miracle assorted themes that an Olympic Beach can draw on.

amy lou the reader said...

This will be a summer of girl movies. There's this one, and the what I'm sure will be horrible one called "Aquamarine" (or something to that effect) about a mermaid.

Times like this make me thankful that 1) I'm in my 20s and beyond that and 2) I don't have a little sister, but a younger brother who wouldn't go within 100 yards of a theatre playing either film.

But I too wanted to be a gymnast. Until I realized I had no grace, a horrible body, and no discipline. :)

MB said...

Thanks, everybody. Carrie, welcome out of the shadows... hope you stick around :)

lina the reader said...

I saw a trailer for Stick It and I didn't realize that it was about gymnastics until about 15 minutes later.

I wish I actually knew some gymnasts who could see that movie and then insist to me that "oh my gosh! that is SOOOOO true! it's my life, you guys, my life." After Bring It On, some of my fellow cheerleaders actually began to change their behavior to make it fit the characters in the movie.

Gag me.

Miasys said...

My little sister (high school junior) did competitive gymnastics for a long time... she quit when she racked herself on the balance beam. Can't say I blame her. I've watched her pick herself up from the mat in tears more than a few times. She competed thru sprained ankles, wrists... all sorts of injuries, but that balance beam just did her in. It's not all glitter, tiaras and pretty costumes, let me tell you.

MB said...

Which is why I get so pissed when movies like this are like, "Hey, everybody! These girls are probably a great lay!" They don't do that to the men.

dondiaz said...

Re em:
I NEED A BEARD!! (whatever that is)
At least I finally decided I don't need to borrow somebody's kid to go see a Disney (Pixar) animated movie.

Re carrie:
Mmmmhh - Kirsten Dunst (German, you know)

("Happy fingers - you need 'Happy Fingers!'")

Pam said...

I'm ashamed to admit I know this, but in Bring It On, it's "spirit fingers." Whatever happened to jazz hands?

MB said...

"Spirit Fingers." Yet another Really Inappropriate Title.

Miasys said...

Hey, MB-
I sent an email to my little sis (the former gymnast) last night to get her perspective on your story. Here's her reply..."That was a pretty good article, given my history with the sport, im thinking of seeing it."
Just thought you'd like some feedback from the 17 year-old set.
You're right about the double standard, too. This kind of thing sends my friend the feminist college philosophy prof into orbit.

lizzy said...

I will admit that I own Center Stage and will watch Bring it On and Bring it On Again when they are on TV. I am a glutton for bad TV/movies.

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LOL said...

Great commentary Mary Beth. I'm still laughing "elegance of a drunken grand canyon mule" ROFL.

Anonymous said...

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