Friday, March 17, 2006

Ask Josh The Pilot, Volume 1

By: Josh The Pilot

Honestly, y'all, I'm thrilled to see so many questions submitted for this new feature on BlondeChampagne. I was very happy when Tink called asking if I would like to do this, and believe me, it was a tough competition with Jim the Baby Nephew over who would get the spot. I'm glad my college degree was able to beat out "Mama's truck!" or maybe I won because even with her dislike for math, MB knows that "Twenty-four!" is more than "Two!" Speaking of Jim, that leads me to the first question.

bobob said...
Do you ever get tired of hearing about Jim? Let me guess, she talks about him all the time!

Yes, bobob, she talks about him all the time. Every weekend when I visit her she has a new Jim update. At times it's rough knowing there's another man in her life, but when we first started seeing each other she let me know that I wouldn't always be the center of her existence, and I've come to accept that and by now I've grown used to it.

More later!


Dantelope said...

Yay yay yay I'm first.

Not that I don't absolutely loooove the JTP series, but at this rate we won't know the answers to half the questions we have until the Jim the Nephew is old enough to answer them for JTP in a column titled "Trucks n Me: How I Ran Over JTP".

Prioritize. Like the marriage question. And how you feel about kids. The world wants to know. Don't pull a G.W. on us and focus only on the easy questions.


ahjen7 said...

I agree with dantelope about the priorities. but i also wanted to apologize because my husband told me how much he hated it when other people pushed him about when HE was going to propose. so, sorry JTP, you probably have your reasons for stalling. but we're pulling for you. and MB.

jen-liberatore-who-changed-her blogger-identity-because-she-got freaked-out-about-online-stalking

lemming said...

Dear Josh The Pilot,

If offered the job of your dreams, based in Barrow, Alaska, would you accept?

Josh The Pilot said...

YES! (What do you think my dream job is??)

'nother dumb blonde said...

Can Josh the Pilot explain how Nick the NASA Poobah is both single but quite taken?
Or if not, can he explain what makes the shirt funny? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I can answer those :)

-Nick the NASA Poobah, at the time of the writing of that comment, was not married but had been dating the same woman for many years. They were recently married :)

-This is why the shirt is funny (note: there's a just-for-adults image included of Ms. Spano, so beware):

Anonymous said...

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