Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Happy Hurricane Season

Or, the day when everyone agrees that the best possible course of action to prepare for severe weather is to do absolutley nothing until a Category 5 is eight seconds from landfall, then screech off to Publix and instigate bodily injury in a fight with a five-year-old in a wheelchair over the last remaining box of Triscuits.

In celebration, let us fondly remember hurricanes past. But first, mad propz to mah new homegirl, Janet D., who is awesome and kind and also probably very good-looking.


Charley Approacheth
I Survived My First Hurricane and All You Got Was This Lousy Post
Charley Afterglow
Frances Approacheth
I Survived My Second Hurricane And You Are Still Only Getting Lousy Posts
Frances Afterglow
Friendboy Andy's Hurricane Kit
Jeanne: It's Just Not Fun Anymore
Shut Up, Ivan

kinda rainy at:


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