Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I Think There's Also Some Sort of Dead Animal In There

I finally cleared out the 1.7 billion file folders crammed into my desk. (Oh, we do party, here at the Blonde Bachelorette Pad.) Apparently I have not only saved, but FILED, the following:

-$2 in Burger King gift certificates

-Crumbled bits of what seem to have formerly been a leaf

-Connector cables for the printer I owned two printers ago

-The paraphernalia for claiming a $30 rebate from Circuit City that I totally mailed in five weeks ago, which breaks the laws of physics, time travel, and the US Postal Service, but I'm re-mailing it anyway

-A blank Halloween card featuring cows (no envelope)

-Stack of news articles detailing how Cardinal Ratzinger will never be elected Pope

-Notes for what is clearly some sort of marvelous, world-saving essay. "blades= count, push, 4.9" they say. Also: "grosuintsfl! Remember FED!" Okay. That's a Pulitzer.

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