Friday, August 29, 2003

He's like Dennis Miller filling in for Sean Hannity!

Dennis Miller is filling in for Sean Hannity at this very second. Some highlights:

"If I'm on an airplane and I see a guy sitting there looking like the Shoe Bomber, I'm calling the stewardess over and I'm saying, 'Hon, unless this guy is playing harmonica for the J.Geils Band, I want him off this plane.'"

"When he put that helmet on, Dukakis looked like president of the Fisher-Price People."

"People who say they didn't know smoking was dangerous are lying through the hole in their trachea."

"Doesn't Condy Rice strike you as someone who has actually led the life Hillary keeps insisting she always has?"

"The United States has put the world on notice: We've circled the SUV's."


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