Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Big Brother

I never particularly wanted a brother, big or otherwise, until I first gained one through Julie The NephewMama's marriage. This went tolerably well, and I then exercised complete veto control over two I gathered last year as I made my own way through the husband selection process. I highly recommend brother-choosing over brother-foisting, if you haven't already exercised this option.

My own godchild has confirmed my fears of what growing up in a house with a small boychild would have been like. With his mother in the other room and his grandmother apparently out of earshot, last week Jim The Small Child Nephew confronted his baby brother with the following announcement: "You're going to go to the doctor for a shot, and I will stay here with Mama Peg and watch Charlie Brown."

Swap the major elements with cars and Internet access, and we have a snapshot of the future. Will The Baby Nephew is currently in a phase in which he can only say the words he requires to manage the basic needs of life-- "Night-night," "cookie," and, of course, "Aunt Beth" (this last one came at Christmastime, as I leaned over him to change his diaper; it was, most likely, more of a warning than a cry of tender recognition). So he's not at a place where he can yet respond to the comforting big brothering tactics of The King, but one day, very soon, he's going to rear back with a toddler version of a big ol' STFU, and then it will be on. Enjoy while it lasts, dear Jim.

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TRBride said...

This happens with sisters, too. My younger sister is 19(!) and 'STFU' is her default comeback because she STILL can't come up with anything more complex to say. I hope Will The Baby Nephew is not similarly stunted.


Red Pill Junkie said...

I'm the little brother of my two sisters. I think I have mentioned this previosuly, but I didn't get to LIKE any of them until the got married and got out of the house!

My mom always likes to retell the story that, when I was a child, I went to her and asked for "a brother to play with me , but one THE SAME SIZE AS I AM". You see, I have always been tall, so people always thought I was a retarded kid; unfortunately now at 34 I have run out of excuses...

Kris said...

I begged my parents for a little brother or sister for YEARS, and finally, when I was 9, I got a sister. Bane of my existence. She adored me. I hated her for ruining my life!!! Now, 24 years later, we are finally friends. Siblinghood is not easy!!!

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