Thursday, July 27, 2006

Schnitzel on His/Her Tiptoes

Or whatever full-term babies are on while in the womb.

At this time tomorrow, I will very likely be an aunt again. I'm still trying to arrange my brain molecules around this. I'm still trying to arrange my brain molecules around Jim The Small Child Nephew. I look back at the posts I wrote when he was but a Taufling and I cannot believe I didn't know that little fetus was Jim, who now speaks in sentences and takes very seriously his daily duty of lining all his toy trucks up into a small plastic traffic jam. It's kind of like waiting to hear the winner of an Academy Award: The outcome is already decided... the child will either make little dresses for ants, or stomp on them. I just don't know which it will be.

I figured that Julie The NephewMama (perhaps the last time she shall be referred to as such, if the baby is a girl) would wait until Jim got boring before starting all over again with another baby, but he continues to do things like go to the side of his main homey J.P. after he and his sister Brooke have some sort of slapflight and say, "It's okay." I think he will be an FBI negotiator when he grows up.

That, or an urban planner.

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gryphonesse said...

Good luck! Hope the Schnitzel arrives with no problems! hugs and smooches and happy dances all around from the e-aunts and e-uncles :)

Anonymous said...

"I'm an e-aunt"-- now THAT is a tee shirt.

amy lou the reader said...

Good luck to you and especially Julie and Schnitzel!

Keep us posted. :-)

Stacey said...

Congratualtions may be in order by now. We're praying for Julie and Schnitzel. Keep us posted!

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