Monday, April 03, 2006

Alma Mater

Ah, Home of the Womb.

I'm so proud.

I'd also like the matching microwave/iPod at:


Anonymous said...

The Womb seems to be unavailable at this time

MB said...

Ah crap. Thanks for the headsup.

Sounds like they need to replug the umbilical cord.

Should be fixed now. I hope.

amy lou the reader said...

Wow. That is a horrible scam. Who would have thought oven doors.

Caveat emptor; if it seems like too good a deal, it probably is.

gryphonesse said...


who the hell falls for that? I don't know whether to laugh and point or just shake my head...

John B. said...

Yes MB, that and our decision to finally adopt DST have littered the headlines of our local peper here in South Bend.

Sun is shining on the dome this morning....

Mike Marchand said...

That's not the first scam to bilk the hardworking but gullible suckers—uhhh, people of South Bend; there was a small story but big joke around here years ago that some enterprising hoodlum broke up industrial ceiling tile — the same stuff in most schools, offices and public buildings — and sold it as crack cocaine.

Strangely, the fact that someone was dealing dope wasn't of particular note, but that he scammed people who wanted legitimate rock by selling them ceiling tile instead was a community outrage. "CRACK BUYERS BEWARE: YOU MAY BE SMOKING CEILING TILE! FILM AT 11."

I have very little sympathy for someone who attempts to buy a flat-screen TV from someone selling it out of the trunk of their car and getting an oven door instead. If it were merely stolen, big deal. If it just didn't work, who cares. But it's really an oven door: alert the media!

Whoever did this doesn't need jail time; they need a legitimate job. Some advertising company would love to have someone that brilliant. Hell, I wish I were that brilliant.

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