Saturday, April 01, 2006


JulieTheNephewMama had her sonogram this week, and we all got our first look at Schnitzel, who is the most beautious fetus who ever fetused, other than, of course, Jim The Baby Nephew.

It's a little sad when a person can, in-utero, photograph better than his or her aunt, although I'm quite sure The Great! Photographer could Photoshop in eyelids and fingernails and a wall of books to float in front of, and deem Schnitzel as having "a Nicholas Cage thing going on".

I know you all want to see the results of Schnitzel's photo shoot:

This is a front view, apparently. I think I can see the baby's eyes and nose, or maybe that's his spleen, or perhaps my sister is givng birth to a giraffe. I'll let you know.

Here, Schnitzel is lying on her side, looking at the camera, arms up. It appears she is holding something. I hope it's a cigar. That would be awesome.

In this "facing you" picture, Schnitzel's hands are on either side of his face and his mouth is open. Well, that's just great. I'm going to be the aunt of a child actor who will star in Richie Rich and get married at the age of twelve.

Finally, I am very proud to introduce you to the butt of my niece or nephew. It's good to know Schnitzel has one.

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Miasys said...

Awww! Those are WAY better than the the ones I have of my kids. I swear they are giving me the bird. At least you got Pressed Ham! How precious! Congrats to all!

kelebek }{ said...

Isn't it great that he can be famous before he is even born! Gotta love internet!

Patty M. said...

Maybe, instead of the future star of Richie Rich III: Richie Takes Manhattan, Schnitzel is modeling for The Scream Revisited by some disciple of Edvard Munch. The original is still missing, right? So rather than being an obnoxious child star, perhaps Schnitzel is practicing to become a Muse.

susan said...

Schnitzel looks just as bootyfoool as I imagined. I hope the child can spell more correctly however.

amy lou the reader said...

That's great.

I've seen a few sonograms before, and they are never good pictures. Kinda like drivers' license photos.

Pam said...

I can usually find the major parts (head, eyes, nose, etc.), but I don't know how ultrasound technicians identify the other things. My ultrasounds usually went like this:

Technician: And there are the kidneys.
Me: Really? It looks like a storm front coming in from Indiana to me.

gryphonesse said...

the Schnitzel is ADORABLE!!! Especially for a nondescript black and white squidgy-looking thingy. Adorable, I say!!

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