Friday, September 16, 2005

Three College Degrees, a CPA License,and a One-Year-Old Amongst Us

JULIE THE NEPHEWMAMA: James, tell Aunt Beth how the tiger goes.


NEPHEWMAMA: I’ll hold out the phone. Ask him what the tiger says.

ME: Jim, how does the tiger go?


NEPHEWMAMA: What’s the tiger say?

ME: Jim! What does the tiger say?


NEPHEWMAMA: He was just doing it before. Tell Aunt Beth what the tiger says!

ME: How does the tiger go, Jim?

JIM: Mooooooooooooo!*

NEPHEWMAMA: No, that’s the cow. What does the tiger say?

ME: See if he’ll do the snake.

NEPHEWMAMA: What does the snake say?


ME: Tell Aunt Beth how the snake goes!

JIM: ssssssst!

ME/NEPHEWMAMA: (great applause)

JIM: Mooooooooooooo.

ME: Jim? What does the tiger say? The tiger?

JIM: grrrr

ME/NEPHEWMAMA: (great applause)

NEPHEWMAMA: Isn't that awesome?

ME: That is so awesome!

*Like any child of the 21st century, Jim has several default settings. A great many animals moo; any unidentified vehicle is immediately classified as a “guck”, and, much to his father’s chagrin, a wide assortment of males, including statues of Jesus Christ, are “Da!”

Although the product of two people in the financial field, Jim has shown an early ability to develop a strong thesis statement. Last month he presented my sister with a box of fruit puffs and announced, “I want this.” He’s a very deep child.

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