Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Here's my Official B.A. in Political Science Take on Dean's giga-freakout last night: Oh. My. God.

Did you SEE that? (Go here, if not. Scroll about a quarter of the way down the page to the "You Decide" section. A must-see.... a must-mock.) I kept waiting for Dean to break a folding chair over Kucinich's head. Or, at the absolute least, dive into the audience for a nice, dignified Presidential crowd-surf.

When the CNBC feed switched from the speech to the studio, the entire panel of talking heads were all pressed back into their seats with this frozen, horrified expression, as if they'd just been strafed by an Imperial Star Destroyer.

I enjoy this new tactic of Dean's. "Maybe if I SCREAM THE NAMES OF ALL THE STATES LIKE MEG RYAN FAKING AN ORGASM IN A DELI, they'll vote for me!" Best Iowa Caucus Moment ever.

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