Friday, January 23, 2004

Hello in there!

So apparently this was this scene last Sunday at my sister's parish during the homily:

PRIEST (after reading the Gospel excerpt which told the story of the Wedding at Cana): I bet Joseph was at the wedding at Cana, and I bet he wasn't feeling to well afterwards. Perhaps Mary said to him, "Joseph, can I do anything for you?" And Joseph probably said, "Well, a glass of water would be nice, but don't let it anywhere near that kid."

CONGREGATION: (polite laughter)


Yes, we're into kicking now. My brother-in-law could see my sister's clothes fluttering. I'm glad this happened after my favorite Gospel reading (oh, you KNOW you have your own very favorite Gospel reading! Come, let's share and have fellowship and all that happy Jesus shinola.) I referenced this story when I toasted Taufling's parents at their wedding Mass. It has everything you could possibly want in a Gospel: Advice from Mom ("Do whatever He tells you"), freaked-out apostles, wine, the big JC breaking out the miracle bling-bling. No whiny prodigal sons or camels in sight. You don't always need moneychangers and big ol' leper to have a good time with your Gospel.

Yeah, that Taufling... that Taufling has class. That's MY godchild.

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