Wednesday, August 31, 2005


It seems I have torn my left meniscus, which is a part of the knee and not some form of breakfast food as I previously thought.

People injure their meniscuses (meniscii? It’s one in the morning. Not caring) for one of these two reasons:

1) they are very very old

2) they are very very active athletes

I am closer to Number One, if you want to know the truth, considering that the freshmen I am teaching were born in 1987 and would look at me with great pity if I asked them to take out their TrapperKeepers.

But most twenty-eight year olds do not sustain the injury unless they are highly athletic, which... yeah. The doctor thinks it came about when I started teaching and began wearing big-girl high heels and standing for a long time, which is awesome, because now I can claim a bona fide athletic injury that was in reality sustained while leaning against a podium, speaking earnestly about comma splices. I await the call from Nike with quiet confidence.

I’m enjoying this, frankly, since the pain comes and goes, enabling me to suddenly wince in a most footbally fashion and grab for a bag of ice, saying, “Oh, man, the knee.” The downfall is that I can be engaged in moderate activities that I undertake every day—climbing steps, rising from a chair, running from a hoard of feral zebras—and suddenly the knee will buckle.

This is especially impressive if I happen to be lecturing at the time. Last month I turned from the chalkboard all, “And as you can see, the thesis st---aaaaauuuuuuuggghhhhhhh” and it was probably the most interesting thing I said all semester.

I also seem to have trouble remembering the name of the injury. Here is how I have referred to my meniscus since the diagnosis:


It is worth it to concentrate just enough to get it right. You can’t pick up guys in bars by informing them that you have just torn your koala bear.

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