Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Abdul Rides Again

I have, in this space, openly discussed my bra size, reflected upon how I might most efficiently accomplish a nice hearty suicide, and referred to the World War II Memorial as, quote, “a tribute to the incontinence of the Greatest Generation.” And I have never…ever... received as much mail as I have on this post.

I am glad to have reached you, my people. Nothing unites the world like the death of a hard drive. The mail has ranged all the way from subject lines like “You FOOL!” to “hey moron.”

Most of you have tried to help. The diagnoses have included a spent compressor, a dropped laptop, an overheated… something, and a feng shui misalignment. One of my students thoughtfully pointed out that some sort of fan might be involved, but as he is currently carrying an F+, I’ll not take his word for it.

But fear not. I’ve already performed the Last Floppy Disk Out of Saigon Scenario on my laptop and transferred the whole world to my work computer. (Because I certainly don’t do any work on THIS one.) We shall see.

Competent Official College Professor UPDATE:
Today I had individual conferences with my students on their final paper, which went extremely well until I followed the first one out into the hall to issue an announcement, letting the door swing shut behind me. Because when you lock yourself out of your own office for the second time in two weeks, what you want to do is save the second occurrence for an audience of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR STUDENTS.

it's still finals week at: mb@blondechampagne.com

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