Sunday, May 22, 2005

What Happens When Nobody Checks With Me to Determine Whether or Not Something Is Amusing

This week’s AOTW honor goes to Mr. Bob Costas, who underscored the dignity and breathtaking power of the Preakness by 1) referring to the Woodlawn Vase as a “vaaahhhhhhhse” and 2) handing the Woodland Vaaahhhhhhhse over to the winning owner while yelling “Be careful! IT’S THE MOST EXPENSIVE SPORTS TROPHY IN THE WORLD!!” but not before 3) explaining that the Woodland Vaaahhhhhhhse is the most expensive sports trophy in the world, then holding out his microphone to the military guard behind him for comment, but the guy didn’t say anything, because since he was a military guard, he couldn’t say anything!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shut up, Bob Costas.

Competent Official College Professor UPDATE:
On Friday, I was talking to one of my superiors, by which I mean a person who has been teaching for longer than one episode of Blind Date, and we were in my office, and I stood up to shake his hand when he came to introduce himself, and when I went to sat down, I leaned forward and cracked my forehead against the ledge of my computer desk, and attempted to pretend that this had not, in fact, just happened, which the profuse bleeding made somewhat difficult.

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