Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Temporary Cash

Today I would like to issue mad props to St. Jude and St. Anthony, patrons of lost causes and finding stuff, respectively, for putting in a good word for me concerning my whole monetary situation, and delivering unto me a last-second temp assignment. I would also like to issue mad un-props to St. Christopher, patron of travellers, who failed to alert me to the bush-obscured presence of the cop who nailed me with the speeding ticket while driving to the assignment.

Are you fully appreciating what it's like to be me now? The fine, combined with the traffic school fee and the state tax and the bribes, has put me in the hole on the week. I don't blame the cop, who, after all, was just doing his job, but while tremblingly presenting my license I made a massive show of pulling it out from behind an enormous picture of Jim The Baby Nephew, murmuring, "I guess the money for the bone marrow transplant just isn't going to be there, son", and he was completely unmoved.

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