Sunday, February 03, 2008

"Take it all in, boys. Just take it all in."

As a Bengals fan, I know that a lot can happen after the 2 minute warning in a Super Bowl. So if I were Eli Manning, I would have spent the entire fourth quarter rolled in a little helmet-covered ball beneath the bench, alternating between sobbing and throwing up.

I'm sitting in my little office with my husband, watching our first Super Bowl as married people, 24 hours after a serious and protracted discussion about paper towel absorbency. We're deep in student loan debt and his developmental air traffic controller's salary doubles my freelance writer income. And we are holding each other tonight, because the red carpet crowd doesn't take much notice of us, and it's nice to know that every now and then, the underdogs get a confetti and Gatorade shower.

correcting the stadium announcer's use of passive voice at:


Tony Rossi said...

And what a happy Super Bowl it was! Just remember, MBE and JTP - when life is trying to sack you, pull an Eli Manning by scrambling away, throwing the ball, and praying you've got a great receiver who can catch the ball with his head.

Amy said...


How sweet. The underdogs *do* eventually end up on top.

Kris said...

Baby Manning sure made Peyton and Archie proud!
Didn't have a vested interest in the game, but we're big fans of the Manning family - been watching Peyton since his TN Vols days. Would have liked a Manning vs Manning game ultimately, but, barring that, it was definitely nice to see Eli come out on top!

ShannJ said...

You just had to bring up that Super Bowl? Now I'm the one rolled up in a ball sobbing. I remember how heartbroken I was when our beloved Bengals lost, and though I had no vested interest in this game, I was rooting for Tom Brady to make history. Maybe I jinxed him. :-)

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